AMC COVID-19 Crusher

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American Millwork & Cabinetry is doing our part to promote Corona-virus Safety with the AMC COVID-19 CRUSHER.Our new Shop Built machine is utilized to disinfect our Plant Equipment on a daily basis. Spraying a Chlorine Bleach and water solution mixed as per CDC recommendations, it uses a Battery operated compressor and pressure pot to dispense a fine mist that coats the surface of the machinery as well as getting into fine cracks and crevasses. This helps to keep us virus free and give confidence to our hard working employees!

Materials used: Binks SST 2.8 Gallon tank w/dual Regulators, Binks 2101 SST Gun, 63BSS x 63PB, .46 (1.2mm) nozzle, 15ft, 1/4 ID Synflex tubing w/SST swivel connections & spring guards, 15ft, 1/4 ID air hose assembly with connections, 45-6301 Fluid Nozzle, 1.1mm, 45-6311 Fluid Nozzle, 0.8mm, 47-56300 needle assembly for 0.8mm,DeWalt 60 Volt Battery Operated Compressor (Extra Battery suggested), Knaack Cart Armor Mobile Cart Security Paneling – fits Rubbermaid Cart 4520-88